Day 20


Free. Free to do as one pleases. After 19 days of playing garbage collectors, pretending to have some sort of idea what we are actually doing in this grand pilot project, talking to all sorts of students, teachers and on a less voluntary level, also speaking with authorities, today since the start of the Walk we are truly free to do whatever the geographical and financial possibilities allow. Half of the group stays at our current campground home on campus making use of the precious resource water in this land of surplus while the other half takes advantage of the nearby salt water reserve in the shape of the Indian Ocean. For this occasion our guards have the day off as well, as they have never been to the beach – ever. Andrew, who has never laid eyes on the ocean either, runs in at full speed. Yet his facial expression changes from ecstatic to disgust within seconds as he tastes the water. “It tastes so bad!”, he exclaims full of surprise and confusion.

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