Day 3


The third day begins with an ample breakfast at the private home of the very hospitable and generous Fathers Ronald and Victor, who both show interest in our project and cause. As we leave, somewhat reluctantly one might add, they bid us farewell with an invitation to visit again. We spend the day collecting in the sunshine, then driving a short distance with high spirits to Mwanga, where we stop for lunch. The city itself seems relatively clean with the exception of a few unofficial dump sites hidden away from the view of the road. From here we walk towards Kisangara on foot, where we get caught in the rain, a fact we all seem to enjoy as a relief from the humid heat. Around dusk we reach Malage Workshop & VTC and pitch our tents on the soccer field, for the first time eluding darkness. After dinner we hold a group meeting in the dining hall; by now our group has a new member going by the name of Benson. He had discovered our group picking waste the previous day and showed an interest in joining the team. In order to have a chat about it and get to know him, we had invited him to Malage Center, where we intended on staying for three nights.
We discuss the course of the coming days since the group will be split, yet tiredness overcomes and as one volunteer naps on the table, we call it a night.

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