Day 4


The group gathers energy at breakfast for a full day of hiking up the nearby Kindoroko Mountain. Hanna stays back at the Malage Center to take care of customizing the water filter and bucket system specifically for our truck and to oversee the finishing touches be done on the waste press, which should compress especially plastic bottles to optimize available cargo space. Unfortunately she must admit after much tinkering and denial that the waste press requires more effort than it can offer in effectiveness; the heavy weight and necessary strength to man the press did not lead to a noticeable reduction in space to justify the transport of this construct on our truck, taking up a considerable amount of space on the loading area itself.
Meanwhile the hikers are taking hold of the opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoying conversations that are difficult to hold while picking up waste on a loud roadside.
Upon return the group takes another excursion to visit One World Secondary School in Kisangara to meet with Dr. Karl-Heinz Köhler and his wife, who founded this German-Tanzanian School in hopes of establishing a school using the best of each countries’ educational systems. Main goal of these visionaries is to create a learning environment promoting independent studies and critical thinking by students, which is quite contrary to conventional Tanzanian scholarly tactic of enhancing discipline and obedience. Following a tour of the school, we dine together with the students and the progressive couple Köhler. At dinner we are informed by our Tanzanian volunteers that Benson has made inappropriate remarks regarding his intentions to join the project, which he hopes to participate in for financial profit and not out of any sort of interest for the cause. They further elaborate that they have suspicions if he is a student at all and explicitly express doubts to inviting him to continue along the Walk with us. All in all taken into consideration, especially the voiced reluctance of our trusted volunteers leave us with no other option but to inform Benson that he will have to leave us the next day.

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