Day 5


Gasiano gives us a tour of Malage Workshop & VTC, from which we head into the town of Mwanga. Hanna visits Mwanga High School with a few volunteers to thank the administration for allowing us to rent their truck and to explain the project to the students, who have gathered around the flagpole for this occasion. At the same time the other volunteers are busy emptying the ATM machine in order to pay for the rent. This is Africa, though, and the ATMs reserves are exhausted fairly quickly. In town we purchase single-use gloves to hand out to children of One World Secondary and Msafiri English Schools, who will be joining the team on a miniature Waste Walk through their village of Kisangara. With roughly 100 students ranging from fifth to 9th grade, we had less difficulty raising enthusiasm for the cause than we did directing their energy to a systematic collection of waste – many of the younger students were so zealous in their efforts that they collected all sorts of waste including organic waste, which was not intended for the sacks. Various teachers, including the Köhlers and environmental activist Shangwe Kiluvia escort the caravan and together, it made for quite the site to see in rural Kisangara. While the 111kg of waste are being sorted and weighed, Shangwe holds a passionate presentation from the truck bed to all the curios onlookers of our staged spectacle. She keeps the community spellbound and we would very much like to have her accompany us in the future, unfortunately she is bound to her hometown multiple hours away due to personal reasons.
Shangwe is capable of finding a man willing to function as a local collector, where the village inhabitants are able to dispose of recyclable waste on his property. As a starting capitol we deliver 154kg to the designated building plot.
Via a certain Nyerere Secondary School had contacted us a few days prior inviting us to stay with them in Mlembeni, which is our destination for the night and only a short drive from Malage VTC.

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