Day 6


The day begins early with a presentation held by Felix, Hanna and Marko, who in turn each answer the questions of about 60 very informed and by all means interested students, most of whom are prefects and/or excel academically and were chosen by their teachers for these reasons. We discuss the possibilities of starting a collection point on campus grounds with teachers and before noon we have left 98kg of plastic waste in a skeletal building complex which at one point was to become a classroom before funding ran out. Marko, Thomas and Felix D. leave for Kenia to work on a solar project at Pemaca Educational Center, which is another project in collaboration with Bonfaremo. The remainder of the group spends the day entangling waste caught in thorny bushes along the roadside in the very unforgiving dry vegetation characteristic of the region. In a village along the way, we discover a massive dump site which unfortunately goes far beyond our capabilities, so it must stay untouched and we walk the last few feet to Mgagao Secondary School. There we cannot find anyone at all, thus we pitch our tents in hopes of having reached the correct school. And so we let the day unwind under a starry Tanzanian sky with music and a few well-earned beers on our mattresses.

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