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Tanzania – The country

Vacaction while you volunteer

If you’ve always wanted to volunteer for a good cause but the 365 days in a year just weren’t very merciful with that extra free time or your paycheck wasn’t as big as you had hoped, then this is a great opportunity. We all enjoy a bit of vacation but travelling nowadays can be costly. With the Waste Walk, you can combine your desire to improve this world and have fun while you do it.

Tanzania has many amazing sights to offer, aside from the fantastic views we will see along the way, of course. Plan your arrival to Africa a few weeks early and take the time to enjoy these breathtaking beauties before you strap on your walking shoes:

Mount Meru

Just a short drive from Arusha, this national park is ideal for hikers and nature-lovers of every sort. Though far less known than its bigger sister Mount Kilimanjaro, this majestic mountain offers views which rival in magnificence. Just as the altitude of Mount Meru is lower than of its rival to the West- so is the entrance fee.

Tanzania Mount Meru

Mount Kilimanjaro

At 5.895 meters above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain. An impressive sight from any angle, this landmark on the border to Kenya is visible from both sides. Though expensive and exhausting to climb, the sheer aura of this striking beauty is a hikers life-long dream come true. At its feet lies the city of Moshi, a bustling place with markets to every hearts’ desire and a touristic gateway to anywhere in Tanzania.


Since the options to go on a Safari in Tanzania are abundant, you can choose to do so conveniently before, during, or after the Waste Walk. If you are interested, let us know what you have in mind – through various trips and lots of first-hand stories, we can give you tips on guides, tours and expenses.

Ngorongoro Crater

Also within a driving distance from our starting point in Moshi, this National Park surrounds the namsake Ngorongoro Crater. This geographically fascinating landscape is home to a dense population of lions and many other creatures. Aside from that, these lands are to this day frequented by the native Maasai tribes, who bring their livestock to graze as they have been doing since ancient times.

Tanzania Mount Meru

Serengeti National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage sight has recently been added to the global list of natural world wonders, with all the marvels and beauties exotic creatures have to offer in their natural habitat.


At the end of our walk, everyone has the option to add on some hard earned care-fee days of holiday after weeks of walking for a cause and come join us on a trip back in time to the stunning city of Georgetown. Discover delicious culinary surprises at the night market or wander through historical alleyways with colonial architecture.
Don’t forget to download all the Queen your Ipod can carry, and whistle “Fat bottomed Girls” all the way to Zanzibar, the birthplace of lead singer Freddy Mercury.
Here is the time and place to relax your tired feet in clear blue waters along white sandy beaches, and idle away the sunset with a cocktail.

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