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We Walk

We walk through a country to open eyes accustomed to seeing past the problem. We walk along roadsides filled with trash while others walk past. We walk to raise awareness for the imminent danger caused by mass pollution and we walk to relieve nature from this heavy burden we have put upon her.

We Talk

The destruction of our environment is a global problem which we all need to attend to together, which is why we exchange ideas with all participants of the dilemma. Ergo, humans.

We Change

We are not looking to treat the symptoms of an ailing planet plagued by pollution through a reformation; we are trying to cure the disease through transformation. This change needs to take place in the mind of individuals before we can hope to achieve sustainability that will outlast any short-term solution.

The Philosophy

Homo Sapient has been evolving progressively for thousands of years on planet Earth. Ironically, especially since the Industrial Revolution around the turn of the 19th century, mankind has primarily been evolving into the greatest threat to mankind itself through our incessant need to fulfill the constant goal of ever more augmentation. Largely ignoring the consequences inseparably tied to our faith in the prosperity of infinite growth in the face of finite reserves, we are depleting natural resources in order to meet global demand. Within these last 100 years, the worldwide population has increased fourfold and parallel to this rise in numbers of people inhabiting the Earth is an upsurge of individual claim to more and more personal wealth – usually in the material form of consumerism, and usually with horrendous repercussions carried by the environment. A global economic system serving only to sustain this behaviour has been implemented with hardly any regard for true sustainability of nature.

If we wish to leave this planet in a healthy condition for the following generation to live healthily in symbiotic unison, we must question the mechanisms and necessity of these systems. Essential for this query is a broad understanding of the dilemma and how our day to day actions can cause a lasting reaction. To further expand comprehension and promote positive development, the Waste Walk was brought to life.

So war der erste Waste Walk in Tansania davon geprägt, dass wir das akute Problem der Müllverschmutzung bekämpfen wollten und daher tonnenweise Plastik neben der Straße einsammelten. Ein Waste Walk in einem europäischen Land wird dies nicht erfordern, sondern wird sich verstärkt auf den Diskurs mit der Öffentlichkeit fokussieren müssen.
The Waste Walk is to be understood as an open concept which everyone can participate in and contribute to in order to create the change you want to see in the world.
“Wir kaufen Dinge, die wir nicht brauchen mit Geld, das wir nicht haben, um Menschen zu beeindrucken, die wir nicht leiden können.”

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